Enterprise Rockers Channel

Tina Boden, Tony Robinson OBE and 20 UK entrepreneurs proudly present this professionally produced movie. This free documentary (40 mins duration) of ‘survive and thrive tips’ for self employed people and micro (0-9 employees) business owners has been made by the Enterprise Rockers Community. This must watch video is especially useful for Start Ups and businesses in their first 3 years of trading. Watch and learn how to ensure your enterprise rocks!

20 business owners gave their time in many locations in Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire in England, Directed by Award Winning film maker Asta Philpot, this rockumentary also features the co-founders and co-funders of Enterprise Rockers CIC – Tina Boden and Tony Robinson OBE. Soundtrack is by Tim Hain and Nathan Hardwick.

All the information, know how and research on start ups and micro business owners in the UK and links to the work of the Enterprise Rockers is here: