Financing Advice for Growing your Business

Running your own business can be hugely rewarding, but also hugely challenging with a multitude of issues to keep on top of.

One of the biggest concerns is often cashflow and financing. Keeping your business in the black can often be an uphill battle for small and medium sized businesses.

Research conducted over the past 12 months shows that a shocking 1-in-8 UK businesses have used personal credit cards for financing, whilst 1 in 4 have relied heavily on overdraft facilities to keep their business trading.

The research also reveals that 15% of business owners simply weren’t aware of alternative forms of finance.

To help you manage your company’s finances and for advice on other ways of making sure your business stays afloat and ultimately prospers, log on to our live stream. Darren Hart, Head of Growth Capital at Santander; Laura McMullen, Business Development Director at Funding Circle; and Jonathan Diggines, Chief Executive of Enterprise Ventures will be offering the latest advice to SMEs.