How can entrepreneurs take advantage of the global markets despite negative perceptions surrounding Brexit, Trump and Asia’s slowing economy?

According to the biannual Global Entrepreneur Indicator (GEI), 81% of entrepreneurs would be willing to start a new businesswith 78% forecasting increased profit over the next six months.

  • What are the opportunities for entrepreneurs in the current climate and how can they take advantage of them?
  • How is the digital globalization helping entrepreneurs expand their businesses?
  • Why is networking so important and how can entrepreneurs learn from each other and utilise their combined knowledge to help their businesses?

Now in its sixth year, the 2017 Global Entrepreneur Index shows a great deal of confidence amongst the members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, with 64% reporting an increase in business revenue over the past 6 months, 35% reporting an increase in funding opportunities and 64% indicating an increase in full time staffing levels.

This confidence comes despite an expectation of more uncertainty for businesses post Brexit, snap elections in the UK and Donald Trump’s presidency.

How does the UK’s snap election affect entrepreneurs in Europe and how does Trump’s presidency affect entrepreneurs in Asia? What are the challenges different markets and territories face? The March 2017 GEI revealed the current state of 50 countries’ business landscapes and economic health, among other statistics designed to identify economic trends, drive fiscal growth and strengthen communities.

On Friday 28th April, many of the 4000 leading entrepreneurs who fed into this most recent iteration of the GEI will gather in Frankfurt for the annual conference of the Entrepreneurs Organization to discuss these themes, amongst many others.

Join us live from Frankfurt at 1pm on Friday April 28th to put your questions directly to Ivan Ting (Executive Director, Karder Industrial and Chairman, Entrepreneurs’ Organization), Brian Brault (CEO, Pure Solutions) and – Vivienne van Eijkelenborg (CEO, Difrax). The panel will also give advice on how entrepreneurs can ensure they capitalise on the challenges and opportunities created by the current world order.