Smarter Financing for ambitious SMEs

Whether you own an established small business, or a start-up, at some point it is likely that you’ll have to look at the issue of raising capital, so making sure you know who and where to get your advice from is key to being successful.

Knowing at what stage during business development to start seeking out help is important to getting your finances in place. And in order to get your finance plans together, you need to know the dos and don’ts so you don’t come unstuck.

There are alternatives to bank loans, but for starting a new business, what are they?

Someone who has first-hand experience of seeking out alternative ways of raising capital for his business, The Bicycle Academy, is Andrew Denham, who ‘crowd-funded’ the start-up of the business by raising £40,000 in 6 days!

Join us in a live stream with Andrew, business expert Dan Matthews and Adrian Millar, Head of VW Commercial Vehicles Finance, where they will share their advice on how to be smarter with your finances.

Whether it’s day-to-day cost savings, being aware of hidden business charges, not being too short-sighted and considering the whole-life-cost of investments, they’ll cover it all.