Have you ever experienced bullying in the workplace and would speaking out about it mean jeopardizing your job or future career prospects?

Recent research reveals that a staggering amount of people have been bullied in the workplace with a further frightening amount of people admitting to witnessing others being bullied.

Joining us in this special live and interactive show is former Head of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, Luke Roberts, employment lawyer Paula Chan, from Slater and Gordon and a case study where they’ll be discussing the best way to handle workplace bullying.

Our experts will be covering an array of topics and giving helpful advice especially with; how to spot the warning signs of being bullied, being bullied by a colleague to more frighteningly from your boss or management and whether speaking out can put your employment at risk.

They will discuss some of the most the most common forms of bullying such as rudeness, bitchy/gossiping behavior, intimidation, humiliation in front of colleagues, shouting and other forms of bullying that is taken in the form of racial discrimination or unfair treatment during pregnancy. Women confessed to having lost their jobs after announcing their pregnancy to their company or been subjected to bullied to the point of resignation. We discuss the best way to keep job security high in this instance.

Watch our show for more information on bullying, what to do and the best ways to cope.